Level Nutraceuticals De Aromatase 150 caps

Level Nutraceuticals De Aromatase 150 caps



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Level Nutraceuticals De Aromatase 150 caps

De Aromatase
is a patented proprietary blend of natural herbs and phyto-nutrients designed to support healthy hormone levels. This therapy contains Nettle Root Extract (Urtica dioica), Pumpkin Seed Oil (Curcubita pepo), pygeum Africanum (prunus Africana bark extract standardized to contain 13% total sterols) and Chrysin.

This is accomplished through the following mechanisms:

deAromatase works to selectively inhibit the aro-matase enzyme, which is responsible for the conversion of both androstenedione and testosterone to estrogen.
deAromatase has been shown to help control the enzyme Salpha-reductase, which is responsible for the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).
Testing indicates that deAromatase attaches to estrogen receptor sites blocking excess estrogen from attaching and exerting its effects.

The cumulative effect of these mechanisms is increased bioavailable* testosterone levels and decreased estrogenic effects within the body. Since androstenedione's conversion to estrogen is limited, more androstenedione is available for its conversion to testosterone. The increased testosterone is able to remain elevated because less is converted to estrogen or DHT. This enables a greater chance for testosterone to exert its positive effects upon the body; whereas, the excess estrogen is restricted in its ability to exert negative effects due to less receptor sites available for attachment.

deAromatase - Validation

deAromatase was formulated based on published scientific data and hypothesized to help restore and improve the hormonal balance between testosterone and estrogen in both men and women. This theory was then assessed by having subjects who were not consuming any other supplements take the recommended dosage of deAromatase for a specified period of time. Testing was performed using saliva analysis which tested for the bioavailable hormone content within the body. The testing results, produced by an independent laboratory, showed an average increase of 125% in the ratio between bioavailable testosterone and estrogen within 48 hours.

deAromatase - Use By Men and Women

Regardless of sex, all people share the same hormones. The difference is in the ratios and concentrations of the various hormone levels. The main reason for the difference between testosterone ratios in men and women is a protein called sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG). This protein is synthesized by the liver and acts to modulate the concentration of unbound hormones present in the blood. This modulation occurs for two reasons. First, SHBG has a much higher affinity for testosterone than to estrogen, meaning that it will bind to testosterone more readily than it will bind to estrogen. Secondly, SHBG synthesis is affected by both hormone concentrations. High levels of testosterone in the blood decrease production, whereas high levels of estrogen promote SHBG production.

The major change in hormone concentrations between men and women takes place during puberty. As males begin to develop their secondary sex characteristics, their testosterone levels rise accordingly. This increase in testosterone production in turn decreases the synthesis of SHBG, and ultimately a 3-4:1 testosterone to estrogen ratio is reached. The opposite is true in females. After sexual maturation, estrogen becomes dominant and SHBG production is increased. Since SHBG has a higher affinity for testosterone over estrogen, this increase limits the amount of testosterone available and modifies the hormonal ratio to about 1:2 (testosterone to estrogen).

The reason that deAromatase works on both men and women is because it is dose dependent. This means that the amount taken is directly tied to the amount of the conversion enzymes and estrogen receptors that are blocked. Through research and testing, it has been established that five (5) servings per day work adequately to help restore the natural hormonal ratios in men. Women need only take three (3) servings per day to help restore their hormonal ratios.

The reason for the differences in dose rates between men and women comes back to their hormonal make-up. Men need more deAromatase because they need to restore higher testosterone to estrogen ratios. The five servings per day have been shown to effectively reduce the conversion of testosterone to estrogen, which in turn lowers the production of SHBG, which in turn binds less testosterone. The preservation of testosterone coupled with the decrease in binding to SHBG works to restore their homeostatic ratio. Women, need less DeAromatase because they need less overall testosterone for optimal performance. This does not mean that it is less important, in fact, deAromatase is more important in women because they tend to become excessively estrogenic. Womens testosterone to estrogen ratio can become skewed much quicker than men due to the double impact of SHBG. As estrogen levels increase, SHBG production increases causing more testosterone to become bound; this effectively lowers the amount of testosterone available. This increase in estrogen, coupled with the subsequent decrease in testosterone, causes their ratios to become severely imbalanced.

One of the most prevalent concerns resulting from this extreme estrogen dominance is obesity. Obesity further contributes to estrogen dominance with further production of estrogen by the fat cells, (adipocytes), themselves.

Why Use deAromatase?

deAromatase may help to optimize healthy hormonal levels.

Possible Benefits of deAromatase

Aids in Support of healthy hormone balance
Improved Sense Well-Being
Increase in Lean Muscle Mass and Strength
Weight and/or Fat Loss
More Energy, Increased Metabolism
Improved Cognitive Function
Supports Healthy Immune System
Aids in Healthy Prostate Function
Increased Insulin Sensitivity
Supports healtlhy Libido

Results may vary

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