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Take a look at the various models of Bruno Stairlifts:

The Elite Curve is perfect for homes with curved stairs.

The Elite Straight Rail reflects the taste and sophistication of the most elegant homes, the Elite sets the new standard for residential accessibility.

Going upstairs and down has never been so effortless and inexpensive with Bruno's Elan Straight Rail Stairlift.

The Outdoor Elite Custom Curved Rail Stairlift is specifically designed for exterior use.

An outdoor stair lift of this quality allows you to navigate the stairs outside your home with confidence and ease -- any time of year!

Frequently Asked Questions about Stair Lifts

Will a stairlift fit on my staircase?

Yes. The Bruno stair lifts we carry are designed to easily work with any indoor staircase, so Apex will be able to install them on virtually any configuration (even if your staircase has a turn landing), allowing access to all levels of your home. We have expertly installed stair lifts and wheelchair lifts in both residential and commercial applications. And because installation is performed by an R-5 elevator contractor, you can rest assured the finished product will be safe.

How much space will a stairlift take up?

The stair lift manufacturers we carry consciously designed them with space in mind. Hence, they take up as little space as possible. That being said, as a safety precaution, it is recommended people do not use the stairs while the lift itself is in use. Keep in mind that, because it can be operated via remote controls, you can send the chair up the stairs without anyone in it - out of site.

Can a stair lift be moved?

Yes. Stair lifts can be uninstalled and reinstalled if you move into a new home. Keep in mind, though, that it may not fit on a different staircase configuration.

How long will it take to install one?

Typically, stairlifts take around three hours to install. However, installation times can fluctuate depending on the configuration of your staircase.

Can I buy a stairlift and install it myself?

Any stairlift purchased through Apex must be installed by our certified installation technician. Please contact us for installation costs.

Can I rent a stair lift?

Yes. Stair lift rental options are available. We also offer a 90-day trial plan - something many other medical supply stores do not. To learn more about our rental options, please contact us as (203) 281-6571.

Popular Areas We Serve

Customers from all over have chosen to buy their stairlifts from Apex Pharmacy. Whether in-store or online, we serve a wide local area, including Cheshire, East Haven, New Haven, Northford and West Haven - just to name a few. If you're looking for a trusted stair lift shop near any of these towns, please give us a call. For your convenience, we've included directions from these locations below. Simply click "View larger map" for a full-screen map:

Directions from
Cheshire, CT

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East Haven, CT

Directions from
New Haven, CT

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Northford, CT

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"Spoke with people at Apex 4 times, and each time they were very pleasant and knowledgeable. Will definitely recommend them."
Reviewing: Apex Home Care Department
Date published: 08/08/2013
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