Houston Enzymes TriEnza  DPP-IV 180 vcaps

Houston Enzymes TriEnza DPP-IV 180 vcaps

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Houston Enzymes TriEnza DPP IV180 vcaps

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TriEnza is the long-awaited enzyme product that combines the best of AFP-Peptizyde, Zyme Prime, and No-Fenol into one product!

Two (2) capsules of TriEnza contain:

all the protease enzymes for protein digestion from AFP-Peptizyde

all the enzymes (except cellulase) from Zyme Prime

1/2 the enzymes from No-Fenol (xylanase) for certain fruits and vegetables high in phenols

In addition, no fillers are added. *1 mg of MCT oil is added per capsule as an excipient to prevent the enzyme powder from becoming air-born if capsule is opened. The oil also insures correct encapsulation weights during manufacturing. MCT oil is derived from coconut oil. Cellulase enzyme was not added to this product so you don't have to worry about using TriEnza with time-released medications.

No more splitting capsules to get "half doses". One capsule (one-half dose) makes starting enzymes easier.

Best of all, the price of TriEnza makes it less expensive compared to buying all three of our other products.

Who should use TriEnza?

Anyone who uses any two of our current enzyme products (Peptizyde, AFP Peptizyde, Zyme Prime, HN-Zyme Prime, and No-Fenol) will most likely benefit from a cost-savings standpoint. If a customer is using 3 or more HNI enzyme products, a definite cost savings will be realized.

Peptidase with DPP IV 50,000 HUT *
DPP IV 1200 DPPU  *
Protease 800 65,000 HUT *
Protease 6.0 25,000 HUT *
Amylase 12,000 DU *
Glucoamylase 25 AGU *
Alpha-galactosidase 200 GalU *
Xylanase 16,000 XU *
Beta-glucanase 30 BGU *
Lactase 1500 ALU *
Lipase 200 FIP *
*Daily Value Not Established

Other Ingredients: Capsule composed of vegetable cellulose (from pine trees) and water. *Medium chain triglyceride oil, purified from coconut. Appx. 1 mg/capsule. The oil keeps the enzyme dust compacted.

TriEnza is free of gluten, casein, soy, rice, MSG, salicylates, sugars, yeast, animal derivatives, and artificial colors. No filler.