Omega Health Inc. Omax3 Ultra Pure 60 softgels

Omega Health Inc. Omax3 Ultra Pure 60 softgels

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Omega Health Inc. Omax3 Ultra-Pure 60 softgels

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Over 8,000 clinical studies conducted by doctors and scientists around the world tout the amazing health benefits of omega-3s. But not all omega-3 supplements are created equal. Omax3 is an ultra-pure, and exceptionally concentrated, omega-3 supplement developed after years of research by Yale-affilited scientists.

How pure is Omax3 compared to the top-selling fish oil supplements? Take The Freezer Test Challenge and see the cold hard proof for yourself.

Put any store-bought omega-3 supplement in the freezer alongside an Omax3 softgel. 24 hours later, youll see the top-selling fish oil supplements turn white and cloudy, showing they're filled with other, non-omega content.*

Omax3 remains clear because it's 93.9% pure omega-3 content.

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