Vital Nutrients Multi-Nutrients no Iron or Iodine 180 caps

Vital Nutrients Multi-Nutrients no Iron or Iodine 180 caps

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Product Description


Vital Nutrients Multi-Nutrients 180 caps

High Potency formula, No Iron or Iodine

MULTI-NUTRIENTS (NO IRON OR IODINE) is a high potency multi-vitamin/mineral and trace element formula that provides the highest nutritional value for all systems of the body. It is a hypoallergenic, bioavailable formula that is well tolerated by most individuals.

Multi-Nutrients No Iron or Iodine contains per 6 capsules:
VItamin A (acetate) 5,000iu
Betatene (natural beta carotene with mixed carotenoids) 20,000iu
Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) 800iu
Natural vitamin E (d-alpha tocopheryl succinate) 400iu
Ascorbic acid 100% (pure powder) 1000mg
Thiamine HCl (B-1) 100mg
Riboflavin (pure powder B-2) 50 mg
Riboflavin 5' phosphate (activated B-2) 10 mg
Niacinamide 100mg
Inositol hexaniacinate (no-flush niacin) 50mg
Pyridoxine HCl (B-6) 50mg
Pyridoxal 5` phosphate (activated B-6) 15mg
Calcium pantothenate (B-5) 400mg
Methylcobalamin (pure B-12) 500mcg
Folic acid (pure powder) 800mcg
Biotin (pure powder) 400mcg
Calcium (50% citrate/malate - 50% carbonate) 400mg
Calcium (pantothenate) 33mg
Magnesium (50% citrate-50%oxide) 300mg
Potassium (chloride) 99mg
Zinc (citrate) 25mg
Manganese (aspartate) 5mg
Copper (glycinate) 2mg
Boron (citrate) 500mcg
Chromium (polynicotinate) 200mcg
Selenium (selenomethionine) 200mcg
Vanadium (vanadyl sulfate) 200mcg
Molybdenum (aspartate) 100mcg

* This is a statement of nutritional support. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.